Korber Komplete

New Korber Komplete - Kit assembly service

Korber Komplete is a service that provides layout ready structures, delivered to your doorstep, simply place on your layout and enjoy the detail and excitement a well-crafted structure can add to your layout.  Now that great Korber kit you wanted to add to your layout, but were concerned you didn’t have the time, or felt you might not be up to making can still be enjoyed for years to come.

Korber Komplete service starts with the same great Korber kit you can assemble yourself, but taken to the next level with expert craftsmanship by one of our experienced modelers, who will assemble, paint and optionally add lights and weather the structure for you. We then carefully package the complete structure within a box and packing material, and then that box is placed within a larger box surrounded by packing material. This approach ensures that when you receive the structure it is just like it left our shop.

Korber Komplete Built Up Service is available for the following kits:

  • #304       O Scale Three Stall Roundhouse
  • #304A    O Scale Three Stall Roundhouse - Add on stall
  • #304B    O Scale Three Stall Roundhouse - Big Boy Extension
  • #305       O Scale Sand House
  • #306       O Scale 2 Stall Diesel Shed
  • #315       O Scale Grain Silo
  • #700       O Scale Background Apartment Building
  • #702       O Scale Background Tall City Building
  • #703       O Scale Radio Station & Tower W/ Flashing LED's
  • #704       O Scale Steel Storage Tank W/Flashing LED
  • #705       O Scale Fire Tower
  • #706       O Scale Quonset Hut
  • #707       O Scale Background Grocery Building
  • #708       O Scale Background Furniture Factory
  • #916       O Scale General Light & Power Plant
  • #921       O Scale J.L.C. Manufacturing Company
  • #950       O Scale Flag Company
  • #953       O Scale Pickle Factory
  • #969       O Scale General Light & Power Office Building
  • #KE3000 O Scale Peerless Room
  • #KE3001 O Scale Franks Café & Amanda’s Book Store Building
  • #KE3002 O Scale Irish Tavern
  • #KE3003 O Scale Appliance Store and Barber Shop
  • #KE3004 O Scale Downtown Building
  • #KE3005 O Scale Freight Depot
  • #MRS1011 O Scale Kendall Manufacturing Background Building
  • #MRS1132 O Scale 2 Stall Engine House
  • #MRS2000 O Scale Ted’s Textiles Background Building
  • #TT2101 O Scale Rick’s Tickets
  • #TT2102 O Scale Trinity Storage
  • #TT2121 O Scale Abe’s Furniture
  • #TT2122 O Scale Pacific Parcel Service
  • #TT2211 O Scale Transportation Station Background Building
  • #TT2212 O Scale Phil’s Cargo Background Building
  • #TT2221 O Scale Archie’s Trucking Background Building
  • #TT2222 O Scale Allied Manufacturing Background Building
  • #TT2301 O Scale Tri State Machining Background Building
  • #TT2305 O Scale Fun Time Distributing Background Building
  • #TT2306 O Scale Eagle Cinema Background Building
  • #TT2311 O Scale Double A Plastics Background Building

Should you see any of our other kits that you would like built up please let us know, while we have offered a select number of them to start, we can provide you this service on any of the kits.  In addition, if you would like have a modification of one of our models to meet a specific look you desire, please let us know how we can help, we are open to these types of projects.

Korber Komplete Ordering:

Using the pull down menus on the web store pages you can select from four different options

Standard Kit: select this option for the standard Korber kit you have always known.

Built Up & Painted: select this option to have the kit assembled and painted. This includes adding mortar for the brick areas, and painting the windows and doors as well as appropriate trim areas.  The kit will generally look like the photo shown above.

Built Up, Painted & Lighted: select this option to have the same services as the Built Up and Painted option, but in addition we will add a lighting set internal, and as appropriate outside the building.  The lighting is designed to run on AC or DC up to 16 volts.

Built Up, Painted, Lighted & Weathered: select this option to have the same services as the Built Up, Painted & Lighted option, but in addition we will weather the building using dark colors to represent soot, dirt, rust and other colors as a appropriate to make the structure look like it has had a life time near the tracks.  Choose this option for the most realistic looking addition to your layout.

Built up kits have a 3-4 week lead time